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ABOUT cSecurity

cSecurity is an advanced software for Digital Alarm Signal Receiving central stations. Designed and developed through code specific components and web technology to achieve unlimited customisation possibilities. The result is an exceptional product that outperforms competitor software through speed, superior signal processing capabilities and robust user friendly functionalities.


cSecurity will provide you with the full spectrum of tools, utilities and applications to manage your signals, clients and internal infrastructure. Easy as Pi!
Just opt in for the modules that better suit your business and you're ready to go!

Alarm Signal Receiving Centre Management

Compatible with all internationally recognized communication protocols (Contact ID, SIA, Basic etc.) including the ability to add further specialized protocols, cSecurity can communicate with all types of receiver units (telephone, IP, GPRS) and streamline the entire management process simultaneously.
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Tools – Aids

From Management of application’s categories & parameters and personnel, system operators and access rights management, to holiday and observance management for defining working hours control, you will be able to manage all aspects of your business.
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Subscriber Management

Complete management of customer financial tab. Services, discounts, donations, commissions management. Monitoring subscriber status. These are just a few of the features needed, to achieve solid subscriber management.
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Storage & Sales Management

Manage price quotes, maintain records of stock items, merchandise and services, bind ordered goods, automatically update stock availability with alerts, and much more!
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Tech Department Management

Have a lot of Techies out in the field? Technician Management, appointment scheduling management, technical price quotes approval and automatic update on cases of damages from other departments, are just some of the functions that could save your day!
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Web Tool – Online Monitoring

A Safe work environment, use to view and monitor all protected premises, manage a task Calendar and monitor a Live Console – Real time signal flow ARC. These are the many more features coming to the rescue!
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The initial setup is customized to your needs. Even though this means you will not be ready to operate in an "out of the box" fashion, any further customization, extension and scaling of the system is quite easy. cSecurity is modular and ensures subsystem compatibility and stability, making for a robust experience!

  • Easy Customization

    You have specific requirements that you would benefit from some customization so to enhance the users workflow, but you are worried about any problems while implementing the new features? No need to worry! Customizing cSecurity is a swift and seamless procedure, without any interference or affecting your consoles or the signal logging process.

  • Scalability

    Business is going well and you need your software to support this growth? It couldn't be easier! Your existing personnel will experience NO difference and your workflow will never be disrupted. Just tell us what you require!

  • DVR Integration

    Our advanced integrated approach of combining data reconciliation and data validation techniques, resulting in an advanced DVR procedure that is a coherent set of validated and reconciled process data.

  • Compatibility with all Digital Receivers

    Developed to be compatible with all internationally recognized communication protocols (Contact ID, SIA, Basic etc.) with the ability for additional further specialized protocols. cSecurity's advanced compatibility feature can communicate with all digital receivers.






Case Study

Spartan Security, a company whose primary objective is to encompass electronic security and advanced technology to offer their end users - subscribers and business affiliates an unrivalled robust security system.

  • Objective

    They required a software solution offering high performance, robust, flexibility and customizable without limitations in business productivity and expansion.

  • Solution

    Centiva Software Solutions was chosen for the development and software implementation of their flagship product cSecurity into the Spartan Security business.



  • Project Process

    1. To fully customize cSecurity for Spartan Security was a major project, this required a team of highly skilled project managers.
    2. The Centiva team worked meticulously in the way they approached the project.
    3. They began by conducting a work procedures analysis to gain a deep understanding of the working business processes.
    4. Throughout the development phase their quantitative and qualitative analytical methods, enabled them to make specific recommendations.
    5. During the testing and installation they worked tirelessly to ensure the solution was fit for purpose and provided informative regular updates.



  • The Result

    Centiva team’s commitment to develop cSecurity to meet the business needs of Spartan Security, they now have a system that provides optimal functionality using superior software, offers an outstanding user experience, and mitigates risk when exposed to all eventualities.

  • Legacy

    A testament of the commitment from Centiva Software Solutions for their continuous service support of cSecurity, they are advisors in the advancement of Spartan Security’s business technology.

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